Unleasing the box's full potential. UnBoxed is an application designed to make developer's lives easier to gain easily gain access to the Boxee Box.

**ATTENTION** As of November 25, 2010, the current version of UnBoxed no longer works. Boxee released a required update the prevents the app from working. Myself and several others are hard at working trying to find another way to make developing on the Box easier.

Current Version: 0.2

* Enable/Disable Telnet Daemon
* Toggle Boxee Logo LED Colors
* Reboot the Box

If you have ideas for this app or you'd like to contribute please contact me.

Once the telnet daemon is running you can telnet into your box, no username or password is required and it is root access! So be careful not to leave it on all the time as this can leave your device vulnerable!

This app is being developed in cooperation with BHSPitMonkey from the Boxee Box Wiki.

The source code for this app can be found at https://github.com/ekristen/unboxed

The app is hosted at http://erikkristensen.com/boxee -- just add that url as repository in Boxee.

Support for this app can be found by either contacting Erik or jumping on irc.freenode.net on channel ##boxee-hacking.

This is the online presence of Erik Kristensen. Computer Forensics Analyst, Programmer, Volunteer, Husband, Father.